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BLOG Hot Tub Myth #103 – Hot tubs require more maintenance than a pool

Hot Tub Myth #103 – Hot tubs require more maintenance than a pool

The purpose of a hot tub is to enjoy the relaxation benefits it can offer by using it on a frequent basis. People will be constantly entering and leaving the tub, and you may think that this will lead to higher maintenance and chemical use. Fortunately this isn’t always true, and if the maintenance is performed correctly a hot tub will require less upkeep than a pool.

With your hot tub purchase you will receive a hard top cover that is used to protect the tub from any unwanted elements entering it. This reduces the amount of cleaning you will need compared to a pool because you won’t need to skim out any leaves, bugs, sticks etc. This cover allows you to even use the tub during winter without the worry of the cold, harsh elements.

As a hot tub is a smaller body of water than a pool, it will be able to filter the water at much quicker speeds than a traditional pool. This means that you will not need to spend time cleaning or vacuuming the hot tub as you would a pool, and allows you to relax in it instead of labour over it.

Maintenance is something that is usually overlooked with researching a pool purchase and should be taken heavily into consideration. Whether you hire someone else to take care of the pool or spend the time yourself, the upkeep investment for a pool will always be more than a hot tub.

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