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BLOG Improvements in filter technology

Improvements in filter technology

We are always trying to improve on our hot tub design at the Canadian Spa Company to ensure that the customer receives the best possible product from us. On our older St. Lawrence 15’ swim spa model we had used the “pre-filter” method to help stop large debris from entering the filters. This “pre-filter” was made from permeable cloth fabric to allow water to pass through it, but stop any obstructing objects (eg: sticks, leaves, etc). Unfortunately this required the customer to constantly empty out this pre-filter as it would regularly become filled, and over time it would slowly degrade.

This pre-filter sat on top of the pleated filters to stop larger objects from entering the system

Today we have improved this design by removing the pre-filter and introducing a self-contained filter housing with an included weir gate and a traditional skimmer basket. This housing includes a removable skimmer basket for added convenience and a weir gate flap that stops larger objects. The entire design is made of plastic to ensure that it lasts for the entire lifespan of the hot tub. This combined method reduces the amount of maintenance needed, and is another reason why a Canadian Spa Company Hot Tub is for you.

Current filter housing with weir gate attachment

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