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We only supply 100% genuine Canadian Spa Company chemicals. These premium quality chemicals are manufactured in Canada and contain no bulking agents. In-fact; many of the less aggressive chemicals (such as “Spa Clear”) are actually highly concentrated which means that they weigh less, using less fuel to transport, last longer and use less packaging, therefore reducing impact on our environment.


For help and advice on problems with your Chemicals, just pick up the phone and speak to us


Make Your Own Home Hot Tub Freshly Sparkling By Using Effective Chemical Kit

The idea of having a spa at the comfort of your home is something that everyone in the family will get to enjoy not only for the weekend but even throughout the whole year. The luxury of being able to soak and relax anytime you want after a long and tiring day is one of the benefits of having a hot tub or spa at home. You will not only enjoy the water, you will also be able to have fun with the people you are with when you use the tub. Since you want to maximize the use and advantages of your tub, it is helpful to have readily available and accessible chemical kit that contains essential chemicals to make the water safer for soaking.


If you plan to allow your kids to enjoy the tub once in a while, it is even more a necessity that you keep the water in perfect shape without the harmful elements and any of the water-borne bacteria that will only cause the little ones to become ill after soaking.


Most of the common hot tub chemicals that you can use for your home hot tub or spa are the chlorine for the sanitization of the water, the sodium bisulfate or sodium bicarbonate to achieve the proper pH balance of the water, the ozone, the cleaning agents, and a lot more to keep the tub water in perfect condition as it should be at always.


The use of these chemicals is easy as each package has printed instructions at the back or in a piece of paper inserted on it. If you have the chemical kit at hand, you might find a test strip included. You will have to use it first to determine which chemicals should be used. But these kits are good only for a single use and you will need to have some more in stock so in case you would need to use one, there is one readily available in your house. Just make sure you keep it in proper storage where it is out of reach of the little kids.


You can get your supplies of spa chemicals from your dealer and you can even ask for help at times when you are not sure of which chemical is best to use to solve a certain tub water problem. If you do not want to use products that may cause harm to the environment, there are also a lot of organic products that help not only in sanitizing the water and the tub but also useful in preventing the water to have bad odor. With the Canadian Spa Company, you can have the assurance that all the products are made from quality and environment-friendly materials.


It is also important if you will give time and attention to giving the entire tub a regular cleaning and the water a regular change to maximize its advantages to you. If you need help regarding these matters, we are here to assist you just give us a call.





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