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Canadian Spa Company Gazebos Range

Gazebos are ideal for providing privacy and seclusion, but as natural products they vary in colour and finish adding to their charm as attractive pieces of garden architecture.

With a style and charm all to themselves, Gazebos can become the focal point of a landscape feature or stand as attractive pieces of garden architecture.

Gazebos can create a safe, warm environment so that you can enjoy your spa all year round!

Complete the package and turn your home and garden into a home resort with our brilliant range of timber gazebo accessories and products.

Enhance the experience of using your Hot Tub or Spa Pool with one of these gorgeous Thatched Solid Timber Gazebos which can be fully assembled for you at your home.

Alternatively, why not consider one of our flat pack Pine Gazebos with included bar stools which can be delivered to your home for self-assembly.

For help and advice on problems with your Gazebos, just pick up the phone and speak to us.


Choose the Perfect Design of Hot Tub Gazebo



The advantage of having your own hot tub anywhere in your home area or garden is what most of the homeowners go after when opting to install one. There are lots of benefits and advantages associated to the regular use of the tub, and so does having one at the comfort of your homes. Even the physicians and therapists recommend their patients the continuous and regular use of the tub for the therapy and for the remedy of many illnesses. It is also fun to have one at home which could be a center for bonding moments with the family or friends during weekends and holidays. It is also best to use as a center for wellness as it provides simple solutions and remedies to minor physical problems.


Hot tubs and spas could even be more fun and enjoyable to use if you will install or construct a gazebo over it, especially if it is installed outdoor. A hot tub gazebo is a shelter or an enclosure that you can build over and around your tub to have complete privacy and protection while soaking. This way you will not have to feel so shy to soak when you know someone from the neighborhood might see you. Knowing that you can have fun while relaxing with all privacy in your hot tub at home, the decision to construct a gazebo over your tub is one great decision you will always be proud of.


Most of the hot tub gazebos are structures designed to stand over the tub usually octagonal in shape and is used primarily for shade and shelter. These gazebos became popular in China and Japan in their parks and other landscaping projects. But in this generation, these structures are seen in many of the tubs not only used to accentuate and highlight landscaping and gardens but also to have a protective shelter to users.


Though the gazebos are designed as an enclosure, there are still some units designed with an open style. Some people would prefer the open gazebos so they can view the stars at night when soaking while some of the owners would prefer the closed ones so they can enjoy their tub even on summer hot days. But there some structures with customizable designs to allow you to close and open the roof or the walls so you can maximize its purpose depending on your mood. It is best to choose the one with an enclosure that can keep you protected while soaking much more when you do the soaking at day while the sun is up or at times when the weather is bad outside. This is also one of the best things about the gazebo as you can still enjoy your tub any day of the year as much as you want to.


There are many designs to choose from, and if you need help in choosing the perfect one for your hot tubs at home, feel free to contact us or give us a call and we will promptly assist you for your satisfaction.




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