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Canadian Spa Company Saunas Range

The Canadian Spa Co offers you a wide variety of Infrared Saunas to suit your specific therapeutic needs and space requirements. Please take some time to see which of our fabulous Infrared saunas will best fit into your lifestyle.

"Imagine stress and tension disappearing as you relax in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Envision yourself with improved health, and an enhanced, radiant appearance to your skin. You and your family can make this a year-round reality with the warm comfort, and natural healing features of your own Canadian Spa Company home sauna."

A Canadian Spa Company Sauna delivers the most advanced therapy available; Infrared elements, specialised timbers, frameless glass or mirror doors and a premium integrated stereo make Canadian Spa Company Sauna a great choice for your home and lifestyle. Our premium "Infrared" range offers contemporary design and features the latest in efficiency, safety features and Heatless contact points , offering an even and gentle Infrared heat distribution. Our saunas feature overhead downs and mood LED lighting, an integrated stereo system with ability for CD, radio and Mp3 playback, and a hassel free assembly.

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Know What the Infrared Sauna Can Provide: The Healthy Treatments That You Need


Every man in today’s modern and high technology generation is suffering from a busy lifestyle. The busy schedules and all the responsibilities in life are what make each man to become stressful and restless. This could be the reason why a lot of people suffer from different health problems. Sauna treatment and other spa treatment with sauna system are a few of the very useful ways to get relief from these kinds of problems. Saunas provide a superb way to calm down, relax, soothe the pains away, and warm up. This kind of system causes the body to sweat to help in the detoxification process thus releasing all the tensions and tiredness from the entire body.

People have been using saunas for centuries all throughout the world, but the infrared saunas are very much different from the traditional ones. Most of the modern infrared saunas do not use moisture. Rather than using steam, it uses a radiant heat source with heat that can penetrate the skin and causes the blood to circulate smoothly. This kind of sauna therapy is very much popular for its various benefits to the body and because of these every one is trying to get one for home use. If you want to experience the same benefits and you opt to have one in your own house as well, you should know more about how the infrared saunas work and how it can benefit you better.


An infrared sauna can help you in many ways and will allow you to have fun with amazing, muscle deep heat that soothes your aches and detoxifies your body as you perspire. Some people can stand the heat for about 10 minutes while others become used to stay until 20 minutes. The longer the person stays on the sauna, the better for the detoxification process. And as it happens, it can pull out many pollutants reminiscent of mercury, mold, tobacco, car emissions, and hundreds of other toxins.


Aside from the detoxification and weight loss, regular use of the sauna will also help strengthen your immune system and keep your body improved and better physically. In fact, many doctors even suggest sauna therapy to their patients who suffer from inflammatory ailments, weight reduction, low blood stress, and muscle aches and pains.


Most of the modern designs available in the market today are specified with flat carbon fiber elements which are very helpful in providing even distribution of heat that penetrates the body. The portable infrared saunas are equipped with easy to assemble fixing which are ideal to have at home. Using it can be even more enjoyable and fun as it has perfect interior lighting and retractable stereo which you can use while relaxing on one.


For those of you who want to experience fast weight loss and detoxification therapy for a better physical condition, you can visit one of the health clubs that offer these types of saunas, or you may want to buy your own for home use. The Canadian Spa Company has all the details you are looking for from an infrared sauna. Just give us a call so we can help you.




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