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Our vision is to continue to be a caring, viable, community-driven company.

We improve our customer’s quality of life by delivering a unique product and

outstanding customer care.

Our pride of reputation ensures peace of mind and continuous commitment

to our customers


There is not a Spa on the market that can compete with the quality and performanceof a Spa from The Canadian Spa Company. With this type of premium leisure product, you want to purchase the best. You want quality,

service, and a reliable warranty.

Canadian Spa Company manufactures our Premier line spas using only the finest available components.  From our quadruple layer shells and top of the line digital control systems, to the highest pressure therapy massage systems currently available, we offer unparalleled value for your money.  All Canadian Spa Company Spas are fully insulated and equipped with marine grade plywood bases for year round out door operation even in the gruelling Canadian winters.


With an innovative list of standard features, outstanding service, and unparalleled performance, Canadian Spa Company meets or beats the highest standards in the industry.

Canadian Spa Company. We lead the world in innovation and design

Pressure Point System helps relieve Pain, Stress and Tension


For centuries man has known of the healing powers of warm water.  Before

the modern portable spa, people have enjoyed the relief of pain and tension

offered by natural hot springs.


Today's spa technology, particularly as developed by Canadian Spa Company, can offer specific therapeutic benefits. A Canadian Spa, with its sophisticated reverse moulding technique, can deliver the healing flow of water from the jets to specific spots on the body.  These spots, known as pressure points, can lessen or eliminate pain if triggered properly.

Canadian Spa Company exclusive Pressure Point System delivers warm,soothing water to these pressure points. Even if your problem area is in the hard to reach neck or shoulder region, the unique Quadra Jet Neck & Shoulder Seat delivers relief like no other spa on the market. Additionally, various types of jets allow you to massage different muscles with different water pressure. Besides Pressure Point Therapy, how else can a Canadian Spa improve your physical and mental well-being?  Here are just a few ways...


ARTHRITIS Painful or inflamed joints cause muscles to tense in an effort to protect them. Warm water and hydrotherapy help relax the muscles and allow greater range of motion in the joints.  Pain is often reduced, even after leaving the spa.


BUOYANCY When submerged in water your body is about 1/10 its normal weight. Buoyancy is a key element of relaxation and stress relief.  It helps overcome the effects of gravity and relieves stress on the joints.


EXERCISE Exercising can cause microscopic tears in the muscle and lactic acid build up.  The warm massaging action of a spa will accelerate the healing process, and allows the lactic acid to be carried away from the muscles.  As muscles relax and pain eases you move more easily with less pain.


SLEEP Warm swirling water reduces stress and allows you to rest and get better night’s sleep.  Sleep deepens as body temperature drops.   Experts' recommend that people who suffer from sleeplessness soak in a spa at 100° to 104°F for 15 minutes before bedtime.


PAIN RELIEF Endorphins are natural painkillers for the body. Warm water stimulates their release.  When the body is in warm water, blood vessels near the skin relax, allowing more blood to flow, bringing endorphins and nutrients to damaged cells. Canadian Spas are designed for hydrotherapy from head to toe. All jets are adjustable and interchangeable to allow you to dial in the exact level of therapy with a simple twist of a faceplate.  Because the

therapy pumps are dual speed, you can choose a soft, gentle massage or a vigorous massage. No other spa on the market can compare to the quality or variety of the therapy you get with Canadian Spa Company



Jets and Fittings – flexible and built to Last


Most spa companies use standard jets. Canadian Spa Company

uses the largest and the most expensive series of spa jets in

the world.


Beware of cheaper imitation jets and fittings!  Although this will save you money, the quality of massage, flexibility of feeling, and quality of construction far offsets the cost. All Canadian Spa Company spas use top of the line stainless steel ball bearing jets. The time-tested proven performance of  this jet system assures you reliable jetting that you will enjoy for years to come.


Many companies add an after market stainless steel cover that is glued on over top of the jet to make it look like a steel jet. Although this looks good when the spa is empty and new, it will in no way improve the Spa and will provide you with a part time job re-gluing the chrome heads back on in a couple of years. Besides, we believe you have enough chrome to polish in your home already!


❝The time-tested proven

performance of the Canadian Spa

Company jet system assures you

reliable jetting that you will enjoy

for years to come❞



Water purification and filtration



All Canadian Spa Company spas use closed suction side cartridge filtration. The filter sizes vary from 50 sq foot to over 200 sq foot.

Our closed suction side filtration is the most expensive and advanced filtration system

on the market.

With closed filtration, you cannot see or touch the filters. This eliminates the possibility of odours and dirty unsightly filters spoiling your enjoyment of your spa.

Suction side filtration refers to the water being filtered prior to entering the pumps and heaters. This eliminates damage to pumps and heaters caused by debris entering the system.

Although these may seem like an obvious points, be wary, you will be amazed at how many “quality spas” save money by cutting corners on this crucial system.



Ozone is by far the most reliable sanitation system offered for spas. It is certainly one of the most effective if properly designed. Unfortunately, ozone is also the most misrepresented and misunderstood by customers and retailers alike. Many European cities have used ozone to treat ground and surface water, starting with Paris, France in 1906. Currently there are over 2000 municipal water treatment plants using ozone and it is now the industry standard for treating bottled drinking water.

Ozone is an extremely powerful oxidiser of most organic materials, including spa contaminates like perspiration, detergents, body oils and chloramines. Combined with chlorine (halogen-type oxidisers) ozone will also oxidise ammonia, urea and amino acids.

Ozone is also lethal to viruses, spores and cysts, because it also acts as a microflocculent of these wastes it increases the performance of your spas filtration system.

There are two methods for producing ozone gas, Corona discharge, and Ultra violet. Both systems are effective and the same price. We offer both systems. The main consideration for an effective ozone system is reaction time. The biggest problem faced when using ozone technology is getting enough ozone to react with the water before it breaks down (creating oxygen, heat and carbon dioxide none of which are hazardous) or escapes out of the water by rising to the surface.

Because ozone is unstable, it is crucial to keep the ozone in the water as long as possible to allow for a greater reaction time and more thorough sanitation. Most spas simply inject the ozone into the water at the bottom of the spa through a venturi valve on an ozone jet. This method is effective for small spas providing the ozone gas is broken into small enough bubbles, however it only allows for contact between the gas and the water for about 1 meter (the distance from the injection point in the spa to the surface of the spa).

Canadian Spa Company spas use our patented slow-flow ozone absorption system that maximises ozone effectiveness with three unique processes. First, the ozone is injected into the primary reaction chamber, which is specifically designed to match the flow rate of our pumps. This guarantees the ozone is broken down to incredibly small bubbles increasing the reaction area exponentially. Following this, the water and gas enter slow flow secondary reaction chamber. This is a large diameter chamber through which water and gas slow to a mere trickle

allowing for maximum reaction time and maximum sanitation. Finally, the remaining gas is injected into a

tertiary reaction area at the bottom of the spa and travels through the spa bath to the surface. This system is one of the most effective systems in use and guarantees you clean pure water with a minimum of chemical use.

The combination of these state of the art systems guarantees you unparalleled water quality.


Aromatherapy injector for hot air blower hot tubs by Canadian Spa Co


Custom Designed Electronics


The Canadian Spa company’s Super Duplex control system is designed and manufactured by the worlds largest spa control company. Spa control systems are required to operate reliably in one of the harshest environments on earth. Operating in an environment of high humidity, in the presence of corrosive chlorine and ozone gas and temperature fluctuations from –30 to +40° C the control system is one part of your spa you do not want to cut corners on. The Canadian Spa Company’s Super Duplex control utilises cutting edge technology such as zero voltage switching and piezoelectric top side controls instead of switches.


Our controls are more expensive, but they have been proven to operate reliably in every climate for over 20 years. While many manufacturers scour the market for the best deals we scour the world for the best quality products.


❝While many manufacturers

scour the market for the best

prices, Canadian Spa

Company scours the

world for the best

quality components❞


Cutting through the Hot Air about Spa

Air Blowers


When shopping for a spa, a confusing issue for the consumer can be the air blower. Some spas do not have them, and their manufacturer will swear you do not need them - while others tell you it would be crazy to buy a spa without one. An air blower, or air pump as they are sometimes referred to, is basically a heavy-duty carbon tip

brush motor. The way the air is introduced into the spa is usually through a series of 10 injectors in the seats or side of the foot-well. When the blower is on, the water is aerated with millions of tiny bubbles throughout the spa providing a gentle all-over soft tissue massage. The more concentrated the air injectors are in one area, the more effective the therapy is.

Another way Canadian Spa Company uses an air blower is to divert some of the air from the injectors, mixing it

with the water coming out of the therapy jets. This "turbo charging" of the jets increases the power of the jet and changes the feel of the massage. Both of these ways of introducing air into the spa from the blower helps enhance the therapy and enjoyment of the spa.

But what are the drawbacks? One of the main negatives is that most air blowers take warm air from around the motors (ambient air) and introduce it into 104° water. This warm air lasts about 30 seconds then you are drawing cold air. This colder air is very noticeable to the spa user. It can cool the water faster than the heater can reheat the water. This is particularly a problem in cold weather climates. The other drawbacks to an air blower can be the noise generated by the blower. Often the sound can hinder easy conversation in the spa.

Canadian Spa Co. recognises the benefits of an air blower and has engineered their product to maximise the benefits and minimise the drawbacks. For example, Canadian Spa Companies exclusive Turbo Air Massage System concentrates 10 air injectors into each jet for a vigorous soft tissue massage. The millions of air bubbles help increase circulation and bring an overall feeling of well-being.

We have taken care to make sure that the air blower on a Canadian Spa Company spa is virtually silent and has the added advantage of having three speeds so the user can choose between vigorous and gentle air modes. When the air blower is on you can "turbo charge" the jets with just a twist of the air control knob. No other spa gives you the therapy choices Canadian Spa Company does.

One final feature that really separates Canadian Spa Company Spas from the rest of the competition is the heating element that preheats the air passing through the blower when it is on low speed. Depending on the ambient temperature, this heater can warm the air passing through the blower up to 90°. It makes a noticeable difference in the spa and helps keep the water temperature from dropping as quickly. When you’re trying to decide whether you should choose a spa with an air blower, the answer is yes, if you choose Canadian Spa Company.




Canadian Spa Company, is one of the only manufacturers that has an established presence in the European and North American market. We are not just an importer, our head office for all of Europe is located in Salfords, Surrey, UK; along with our warehouse facilities. When you buy a Canadian Spa Company Spa, you get the support of the manufacturer located in your market instead of 3000 plus miles away and you actually are buying your Spa from an established company that is a distributor of our product. We have hundreds of dealers in Europe and North America to serve you.




All Canadian spa company spas use flex

pipe manifold pressure systems. Although

this plumbing system costs up to ten

times as much as cheaper systems, it

ensures even pressure and good flow

rates. Most spas use 1

1/2” pipe. We use

2” pipe for better performance.


We also use up to two 4.1 Hp. motor pump combinations for a total of 8.2 Hp. For massage, the horsepower is imperative. Lots of shiny jets might look nice but if they do not have enough pressure they are useless. We use a 1.5 Hp. element heated air blower that can either be bubbled up through the seats or diverted to supercharge the

massage jets. Supercharging the jets mixes 8.2 Hp. of hot water with 1.5 Hp. of hot air, for a total jet pressure of 9.7 Hp. Most spas use a 1.5 Hp. cold air blower that cannot be diverted into the water jets.









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